Setting off with a professional team that knows how to appeal to men’s style, we are a company that reflects the experiences they have gained in the textile industry to its products with modern and innovative perspectives. A company that closely follows fashion and often includes the leading movements of fashion; It has a production facility since 2002 with its BZD production facility, which has a retail store named Guesto. Considering all the details to make men feel special, BZD has become the center of elegance and style.


Who we are

It is a firm that works with maximum effort to develop, produce and deliver high quality garments for our customers at the exact moment when they need them.

Our products range from fine workmanship to casual and washed jackets, trousers, suits and coats.

With its 4000 m2 factory where production activities occur and its experienced employees in the textile sector, it takes its place among the leading companies in the field of suits in the ready-made clothing sector. The need of the company is being a brand that plans to reach the city first and then the whole world by always offering quality at an economical price. Our company, which makes contract manufacturing or exports directly under the “Guesto” brand and has taken its place in the Turkish market, has added new brands to its production line day by day due to its old foundations in the textile industry and the company’s reliable portfolio. You may see the brands we work with in the references section.

As BZD brand, it carries out contract manufacturing for many leading men’s clothing brands in Turkey with its daily production capacity of 500 men’s suits. It also has export agreements with neighboring countries. At the same time, it makes everything to make men feel special with its special sewing area in its factory located in Konya. BZD Tekstil has been one of the leading brands that offer quality and fashion together, and it is a firm that has adopted the principle of always working harder for its development.

What we do


With more than 30 years of experience in men’s suit products, modern and quality studies are carried out.


Innovative trousers as a suit bottom or in classic models. Men’s trousers production line with machine park is available in BZD family. Quality and trust together


In addition to suits, jackets in different models are produced for seasonal, summer and winter, if they are of BZD quality.


Modern models suitable for suits or classic wear and vests are offered with the difference of BZD.

Our team


I am a business person who got involved in the textile adventure that my respected father Hacı Ali Bozdam started with wholesale fabric buying and selling in 1976. In this way we started in 1990 with the purchase and sale of retail and wholesale products; We have brought our factory, which we established in 2001 for the production of men’s suits, to these days with an innovative perspective by making progressive moves every year.

Our skills


The business suit we know best. But no one can do a job 100% well!


We prefer to produce a suit instead of trousers alone. Can a company that is very good at suits be bad at pants?


If we stopped producing suits altogether, we would certainly produce only jackets. We follow fashion very well, we move forward with very good patterns.


Sometimes we even envy a 3-piece suit, namely trousers, jacket and vest. Only the vest will never be a model that we will focus on. But we are very good about fabric, our vests are quite high quality.